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GEC is a purpose driven decentralized organization built from the ground up with one specific objective:

Expanding Consciousness

You have a brain. You are not the brain. What you really are is consciousness having the experience of reality through the filter of a personality structure which inturn is a function of your bio-computer. Most humans on the planet are currently stuck on the three lower centers of consciousness (Security, Sensation & Power). What that entails is that most people are stuck in the story loops that their egos generate rather than experiencing the here and now reality. 


Your brain is connected to a bunch of other brains which in-turn are connected to a bunch of other brains and in this way all the seven billion brains on the planet are inter connected. The seven billion brains / neurons together form the planetary brain / collective consciousness. Our objective at GEC is to improve the performance of as many bio-computers as we possibly can  thus improving the overall system efficiency. 


As a decentralized organization we encourage anyone who finds this idea appealing to either join us or start another version of this under any name.

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