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The Gaia Family

The Gaia family is a decentralized community where the members are united by their desire to make the world a better place. Rather than a group of competitive individuals bound together by transaction or contract, we cohabitate. The Gaia family is not an organization it is an organism. There is no hierarchy in Gaia, so nobody tells anybody else what to do. All actions and sharing of resources are voluntary. Gaia is comparable to a brain, where individual neurons within the network are supported and empowered to ensure the health and strength of the system, and thus maximizing the potential of the organism. 
It is our intention to address the most fundamental problem plaguing this world, which is that most people make almost all of their choices out of fear. We go to school not out of excitement for learning but instead out of the need to prepare yourself in order to survive in life, a lot of people get a job not out of passion for what they are doing, but instead out of fear of not wanting to go off the beaten path. Also, most people have apathy towards everything that they don't consider to be a part of their bubble (their body, ego, relationship, assets, etc). 

To us the solution is Love. Which in its truest form is an expansion of the sense of self. We intend to connect people who are motivated by a desire to be a force for positive change. Together we can do and achieve things that earlier we thought were simply beyond our scope. 

Our inspiration for this decentralized network comes from how the body is organized. Our bodies are an accumulation of 100 trillion cells. Each cell has its unique gift that it is sharing with the rest of the system. Thus the body is not organized on a give and take or what's in it for me type relationship but simply on a give relationship and in the process of giving the receiving happens automatically.

In terms of organizations, we have a camping space close to Kodaikanal, our friends in Bangalore run a vegan hostel, another set of friends have a dance startup, in Chennai we have a wedding photography company, a consultancy for social entrepreneurship, an NGO empowering children through sports in Kenya and a community of poets in Brazil and a community in Spain.

What can one expect as a new member of the Gaia family? 
We would say expect nothing. Expectations are the root cause of most suffering. Also the whole philosophy of this community is to change how we interact with the world and each other. So rather than asking the question what can I get out of this we encourage everyone to ask themselves the question how can I add value, what can I offer. 
“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” 
― Wallace D. Wattles  
To make the most of yourself we encourage you to set the highest imaginable standard for Health, Wealth and Happiness. 
Health: Equip yourself with knowledge. Experiment with food, fasting, feasting and a few other things and be conscious of how different things impact your mood, performance and energy levels. We would highly recommend you to watch "What the Health", "Game Changers", "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead". We would also highly recommend everyone to try out a Juice Feast – It is truly one of the best experiences you can have of how amazing your body can feel. 
Wealth: Money is a tool just like the internet. Unfortunately, most people attribute all kinds of characteristics to money which simply are not true. Just like the internet, money doesn't care how it is used. We encourage you to manifest abundance in every aspect of your life, money included. To manifest an abundance of money in your life we encourage you to read "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D Wattles & "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T Harv Eker. Also the audio books for both of these are available on Youtube as well as Spotify. One very simple thing you can do is to listen to the audio book at night when you are about to fall asleep. 
Happiness: We suffer because we cling to things which in their inherent nature are transient. We blame the external world for our suffering not realizing that it is our demands from reality, which when not met are the cause of this suffering. If one is able to liberate themselves from their addictive thought patterns, they will realize that bliss is their natural state of being. This is not an esoteric state of existence, we have all already experienced this. When we were children the world was amazing and each moment was exciting, a small pebble was a portal to another dimension, a stick was a wand and there was seemingly no end to our creativity and excitement. This is our natural state of being we have been conditioned by society and lost contact with this wonderful way of living. To get back to states of existence full of joy and bliss we would highly recommend you to read "The Handbook to Higher Consciousness". This is by far the best book we have come across on practically how to raise your consciousness and accelerate your spiritual evolution. 
Spread love and happiness where ever you go. With enough number of motivated and excited people, We believe there is nothing that we cannot achieve. 


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