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Reinventing "You"

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

How do you begin your story? I was born in xyz (place) on pqr (date). Good to know the spacetime! Before you keep weaving your story with your family and life experiences, Pause.

Close your eyes.

What did you see first? Nothing? Darkness? Sehr gut! Technically speaking, you were not receiving light. And this essentially means that you do interact with light. Enough already? Nope.

Circling back to your story. We'll use the speed of thought. IMAGINE yourself travelling back in time. You were a tiny cell in your mother's womb. Awww!

It's quite natural to think that's where you came from. Detach yourself from your name, work, relationships and everything that comes along with it - Where do you start your story from?

Cosmic Big Bang (CBB)! Here's your answer, Miss. It all started with the cosmic big bang giving birth to the universe - particles, atoms, stars, elements, planets, spacetime, et al. Can i go back to my life now? Thank you for the sweet science talk. Your approach must be appealing to science lovers.


Can we take a step back to pre-CBB? Some might yes of course, quantum fluctuations. Matter and Anti-matter annihilation and wait till we have a theory of everything. Ok. What about nothing? What about the emptiness in an atom? What about dark matter and dark energy which does not even interact with light?

Can we even take a step back further to pre-quantum fluctuations? Getting complex right? By now, you must have realized there could be no-end to this going back further and further by simply stretching our imagination. There could be no end to this beginning backwards and likewise forward.

What should "i" do with this concoction of metaphysical thoughts? Does that mean "i" don't have a beginning to begin with and no end to end with?

Yet "i" exists. "i" is energy. "i" is absolute. "i" is consciousness.

Blessed be!


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