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The School of Love

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spirit beings having a human experience.

The school of love is a place where like minded beings can come together and learn from each other's journeys and experiences, it is a place where we can help each other open up, be vulnerable and develop a deep compassion for our fellow beings. The goal is to evolve in love, to evolve, from a being who is in need of love, always looking outside to quench our thirst, to blossoming as a being and become a fountain of love.

The School of Love is designed as a 12 Week course, where the students get together once a week. In each session the course content for that week is discussed, followed by an exercise (which is typically designed to reduce the storm that the ego constantly keeps generating). Each week also has its own assignment, which is reviewed at the beginning of the next session.


  • Be Animal Hostel Bangalore

  • Online

What is expected from the students: Commitment and a genuine desire to grow and evolve as beings

One Session per week (2 hrs per week) every Saturday

Batch Timing: (Indian Standard Time)

  • Bangalore Batch: 3 pm to 5 pm

  • Online Batch: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Course fee: 2,500/- per month or 6,000/- for the full course

(If you are financially in a tight spot you can pay whatever is comfortable for you or even join for free.)

Course Content

Week 1: The Seven Centres of Consciousness

Week 2: Learning to see others as fellow souls on a journey of awakening

Week 3: Complete Self acceptance and compassion for yourself

Week 4: Giving as a natural expression of love & creating abundance

Week 5: Being Here Now

Week 6: Freeing Myself & Learning how to recognize your addictions

Week 7: Taking responsibility - Stop blaming the external world

Week 8: Interacting with others - Going beyond the veil of separation

Week 9: The optimal use of your bio-computer

Week 10: The wheel of unhappiness & How to make your life work

Week 11: Creating Authentic Power - From being a five sensory human to becoming a multisensory human

Week 12: Love everyone unconditionally - Including yourself

You can attend one session for free and then decide whether or not this would be useful for you.

To book your free session click here:

For any other queries call us at: +91-8368708189

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