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There are only three classifications at GEC




Team Member



Anyone who wishes to join GEC will have to first join as an Intern for two months during which time you get to see if GEC is a good fit for you and we get to see if you are a good fit for GEC. 

Whether or not you graduate from being an Intern to a Team Member is a collective decision of the existing team members. 

Allocation of financial resources is also a collective decision of the existing team members. 

People who find GECs objective appealing and wish to contribute but not as a full time commitment can assist us as volunteers in any capacity that they are comfortable with. 

Meet The Team

Melissa Levi

Melissa also known as Potato is from Montreal, Canada. She grew up speaking 4 languages and now her brain is like a super computer helping her act as a bridge between many countries and cultures. She wanted to be an engineer but being a pure soul, she hated school, so she ended up in business school instead. She studied B.Com with specialization in finance and data analysis. She worked for some mega evil corporation during the first 5 years of her career, eventually she came back from the dark side and quit her corporate career. At 26 she started backpacking across asia and there has been no looking back ever since! In the past 5 years she has lived in chiang mai, Thailand for 6 months and eventually ended up in Cambodia

Kartika Dubey
Team Member

Kartika Dubey is a certified life and yoga movement coach. She is a dance movement therapist as well. She was also at the brink of losing her life and self when she discovered true self love. She completely self healed herself of severe anxiety through self love and different spiritual techniques. For last 4 years she has been a spiritual teacher, teaching people how to dive into their limitless self.  She has travelled across the world all alone a lived in Vietnam for 2 years working as a personality, public speaking and English teacher. Now she is living in a forest in South India on solar power and growing a food forest. 

You can get to know more about her through her vlog in lbry at - 

  • YouTube
Team Member

Srikanth did his B.Com in Hyderabad but he was mostly just chilling. He enrolled into a B School and this time took the chilling to the next level by dropping out within the first 10 days. He attempted suicide at the age of 18 but failed at that too. He had his first entheogenic experience eight years ago which completely changed his life. He is now deeply inspired by Ram Dass and the Handbook to Higher Consciousness. Before joining GEC as an Intern he was working in digital marketing, helping people get pregnant and then get rid of it (selling Viagra and abortion pills)

Annotation 2021-03-05 113148.png
Ganesh Bharathi - The aimless wanderer
Team Member

Ganesh is a beautiful soul who has been tormented a lot by his family, school and society. He is a movie buff and digs intense experiences. When he is passionate about something he can go to great lengths to make it happen in life. He used to wake up at 4 am and travel by two busses to attend theater classes. He has switched many jobs over the years and thanks to this has personally experienced how deeply dysfunctional the corporate world is. He became a vegan in 2017. He has been deeply influenced by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Osho and Onizuka. He is currently reprograming his mind for abundance in every aspect of life (inspired by the Bob Proctor, Abundance meditation). He dreams of a beautiful world where we all care for one another and the planet and he wishes to do whatever he can to usher in that direction. 

Mohan Raj 

Mohan was put on PIP the day he joined GEC by our IP Man (Internal Productivity Manager)

Romit Radical

Romit was promised a bike, if he got 80% in his 10th Board exams. He exactly got 80%, but didn't get the bike. He felt deeply let down and deceived. This incident led him down a rabbit hole and he learnt all about the various forms and tactics of subjugation, control and oppression. He has a deep disdain for authority and is an ardent believer  in the  power  of decentralization. He likes playing video games and taking down boss monsters.  He is the founder of Zapit and the co-founder of Juungle, but mostly he is just looking at waifus on a screen.

Prasant Bandaru 
Supreme Legal Counsel

Prasant is the coolest lawyer we have met till now. He has a great sense of humor and an infectious laughter. Prasant's interest in law began after he was put in remand for punching a dude in the face. He did his LLB in Hyderabad, he started working with law firms as a student itself. He currently specializes in corporate law, criminal law and financial crimes. He also composes dubstep music, loves to travel and has a deep desire to bring changes to many laws in our country which could better serve our citizens.  

Ashwin Bilwapatra 
Team Member

Ashwin did his schooling in chinmaya vidyala in Mangalore and BBA at St Aloysious. He has been involved in politics right from school. He is very sweet if you are good to him but you should definitely not rub him the wrong way, there is a good reason why his ex-girlfriend used to call him Gunda. His passion in life is to get people together with a good party. He quit non veg after a profound entheogenic experience. He did his Masters in Australia  in kangaroo science and psychology , geo politics of kangaroos. He is the founder of Mindseye - an architectural and interior design firm. He is also the cofounder of Ash&neil realty, a luxury real-estate firm. Coming back to the party side of things he is the main brain and driving force for the Infinity Music festival and COCO (Cosmic Coins a SLP token created to make the world a more party friendly place and support artists across the world) . He is also the chief architect of the Peoples Progressive Party the worlds first blockchain based party.

Justas Valancauskis 
Team Member

Justas AKA Das is part tree and part human. He keeps planting trees wherever he is. He has been a vegan for the last four years and has been on a completely Raw diet for almost two years now. We haven't come across anyone who has done more research in food, health and nutrition than Justas. Talking to him is like talking to a living encyclopedia. He is also deeply interested in permaculture and is currently working on creating a food forest in Palambatur. We are immensely grateful to Justas for introducing us to "The Handbook to Higher Consciousness", Juice-feasting, Convict Conditioning, Oil free food and a bunch of other things. He has influenced and upgraded the lives of a whole lot of people.  

Aratrika Pahari
Team Member


Ara started out as Jack of all trades and master of none - learnt singing, dancing (became a certified Kathak dancer ), painting but ultimately figured out what she really likes is eating, cooking and chilling. To avoid blood and biology, she opted for Statistics and then fell in love with it. She used to eat chicken all the time, but after realising  how much our fellow beings are suffering because of humans she stopped eating meat. She has been a vegetarian for now 4 years and is on her way to being a vegan soon. 

Ara is also a mother with a big family of 7 cats and running. She is engaged with NGOs and helps out dogs and cats for any help. Basically  try n make their dog/cat journey a little less tough. She is deeply interested  in  feeding good food to people and healing  them from the inside. 

Sitara Shah

Sitara did her masters in HCI from IIT only to realise that you do not need a degree to prove your worth. She worked at a lab of a renowned corporate as a HCI researcher where she was asked to lie in patents. She left the job soon after. She experienced ego death in her first entheogenic experience and has a deep respect for plant medicines ever since. She is an explorer of consciousness and is looking to explore various aspects of reality. She has been a lucid dreamer since her childhood. Being an empath makes her enjoy the company of trees and animals more than people.



Vishnu did his civil engineering from NIT Warangal. He strongly asserts that if he could pass and get a degree then the degree must be fake because all he did in his college was to play Dota. He currently knows nothing about fluid mechanics or thermo dynamics, well he knew nothing about these things back in college as well. After graduating he worked for an year as an investment banker and realized deeply from the inside how fake the world of finance is. After quitting his job as an investment banker he ended up in the Osho Ashram for a little while after which he travelled around South India until eventually ending up in a community close to Bhopal running on a gift economy model. He later did his MBA from MDI Gurgaon. After which he joined Pepsi as a Management Trainee, as long as his job was chill and he could faff his way through the corporate review presentations he stuck around, but soon after receiving a role he quit his job once again. He later worked with Focus Adventure as a facilitator conducting team building, leadership and innovation workshops. In 2018 he moved to the mountains of South India and bought a land close to Kodaikanal and started an Ashram along with some of his friends. He later helped create the Gaia Family, a decentralized community project.

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