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See what the people of good Earth have to say about Gaia, our offerings and the people behind them


Kartika Prakesh Dubey


Gaia has changed my life tremendously. The Gaia family has shown me that I can live my highest dreams of living and creating a life in nature. It showed me different possibilities that I could achieve in life like leaving in a freaking healthy body, having deep relationships, doing what I love and living abundantly. It helped me enhance my leadership qualities, go for what I love and feel is my purpose. It helped me dive deeper into self and unconditional love.

Kitu (a totally different person)

Mordor, Middle-earth

Vishnu initiated me on my path to self love and confidence. He showed me that I am a limitless being. He helped me truly believe in myself. What better gift can a human give you. He opened my path to spirituality. He helped me develop the confidence to travel alone all over India and abroad. With his guidance I am able to live a very unconventional life, following my dreams and living each day fully. He also helped me tune into a life of abundance of friends, money and health. With his support I now have deep relationships, purpose in life and also a very different mindset towards money. His love has deeply altered my life. And his mindset continues to deeply influence mine.


Will Brown


I look at Vishnu's bald bald bald head every day and all of my own hair jump with joy.

Prarthana Raghavan


It has been my good fortune that I joined this introspective, fun, happy and conscious bunch of kind souls! School of love has been a fresh new addition to my life - right from starting exploration in consciousness, connecting with amazing fellow souls from across the world, exercises and assignments which help you pause and reflect for a moment and give yourself(and others) love in this “blow hot and cold” world we live in today :) Welcome these thoughts and practices into your life with an open heart and be surprised when they end up changing your life! :)

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